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Sweet CarolinaSweet Carolina: Desserts and Candies from the Old North State is an intimate collection of heritage recipes and stories shared by nearly one hundred North Carolina cooks from sixty-nine counties. The author spent six years crisscrossing the state in every direction. She met a wide variety of local people in their own kitchens where they shared many of their favorite foods. Sweet Carolina provides a fresh look at those treasured delicacies, the ones that are handed down to us from generations of Southerners. Lemon squares, vanilla ice cream, egg custard, pound cake, fruit dumplings, butter mints, and fudge—dishes as familiar as old friends—are just a sampling of the 230 goodies contained in this appetizing volume. Readers will chuckle as neighborly cooks explain, in their own colorful styles, how to successfully create time-honored desserts and candies using down to earth methods. Many recipes let you turn a few ingredients into mouthwatering dishes in less than an hour. Discover how to include tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables in your recipes, make molasses, prepare lip smacking candies and bars, and create a wide variety of attractive and popular desserts to suit any guests.

This folksy book will satisfy more than your sweet tooth, however. It also contains practical cooking tips, tender tales, and interesting culinary connections to North Carolina and its culture. Among many storytellers is a hundred and four year old cook who gleefully recounts a yarn of how she obtained a neighbor's recipe for Chest Pie—she overheard it on the party line during the 1920s. Her relations still enjoy the pie and the memory. Reading Sweet Carolina is like finishing a plate of grandmother's chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven.

This first collection of recipes is being published by UNC-Press in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is available now for pre-order. Please contact the author on the "Contact" page to order the book.

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